List of Publications

Published & Accepted Papers

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  16. M. Schmidtchen, O. Tse, S. Wackerle: A Multiscale Approach for Spatially Inhomogeneous Disease Dynamics. Commun Biomathematical Sci, 2018.

In Peer Review

  1. W. Duncan Martinson, A. Volkening, M. Schmidtchen, C. Venkataraman, J. A. Carrillo: Linking discrete and continuous models of cell birth and migration
  2. N. David, T. Debiec, M. Mandal, M. Schmidtchen: A Degenerate Cross-Diffusion System as the Inviscid Limit of a Nonlocal Tissue Growth Model.
  3. A. Esposito, R. Gvalani, A. Schlichting, M. Schmidtchen: On a Novel Gradient Flow Structure for the Aggregation Equation
  4. G. Heinze, J.-F. Pietschmann, M. Schmidtchen: Nonlocal cross-interaction systems on graphs: Energy landscape and dynamics.